Misha Dress


The key details of SABRINAGOH’s Misha Dress is the panel cut on the front bodice that is styled to create natural ruffles and the two long straps on the neckline to elongate your frame. Made in seersucker cotton, Misha Dress is elasticated on the waist to cinch your frame further. Style with your favorite sandals to complete the look.

Description XS (Inch) S (Inch) M (Inch) L (Inch)
CF Length 41 1/2" 42 1/2" 43 1/2" 44 1/2"
Chest 34" 36" 38" 40"
Waist Width 23 1/2" 25" 26 1/2" 28"
Hip Width 41" 43" 45" 47"
Shoulder Width 9" 9 1/2" 10" 10 1/2"

Material: 100% Seersucker Cotton

Care Instruction:

-       Preferably hand wash; Machine washable in a gentle cycle (30C) in laundry bag.
-       Wash separately with light colour.
-       Do not soak for more than 15 minutes.
-       Stretch tenderly after washing to reduce wrinkle.
-       Air dry and dry flat for cotton knit to prevent it stretches longer.
-       Do not tumble dry as high heat will shrink the cotton fabric.
-       Steam iron in med-high heat inside out while the fabric is still damp. If the fabric is dry, pre-moisten it with a spray bottle or use the spray button on your iron to dampen the fabric. Use steam and spray when necessary.