Disposable Filter 30 Sheets

The disposable filter is made in thin 1 ply non-woven material. The filter is advisable to replace every 4 hours and dispose at the bin after every use. The filter is not washable and not reusable. 
As our masks are made in 3ply, the additional filter is optional and compatible with our following reusable masks designs:
  • The Origami Regular. To use on Origami petite size requires folding the filter slightly to fit into the filter pocket (refer to the display picture). 
  • The Hybrid Regular/ Petite.
  • The Shield Regular.
  • The Artistry Regular/ Petite.

Size: 11.5cm (L) X  9cm (H) approximately, it may defer slightly by 0.3-0.5cm depending on the batch received.

Please note that the sold filter is not exchangeable or refundable.