The Artistry Thai Silk | Brocade Electric Blue


Instill pride in the traditional craftsmanship of Thai Silk,  Sabrina Goh's Artistry mask features delicate hand-woven Thai Silk produced by members of SUPPORT. Exclusively sourced from the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles, the artistry in handwoven silk illuminates the uniqueness of each weaved piece- non-duplicable by commercial means. 

The Artistry embodied finer fit through the side dart that creates a flattering curved silhouette. Lined in viscose for added comfort, featuring a built-in filter pocket. Maximize air seal at the bridge of the nose via the moldable nose arc. Behind-the-ear elastic bands allow for comfortable all-day wear. Stays on your face securely and won’t slide down. 

Material: 100% silk, 100% viscose lining.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the silk fiber yarn, the textures, patterns, and colors will be slightly different from one another. Imperfections will exist in the weave, usually due to the inherent slubbing of the Thai silk yarns. Study the fabric very closely. When you spot a small imperfection, that’s a good thing. It means you’re looking at handwoven silk.


Regular: 25cm length X 14cm height (suitable for regular face female and male)

Petite: 23cm length X 13cm height (suitable for smaller face female)

All mask sold is strictly not refundable or exchangeable. 

Care instruction: Hand wash daily in tap water only with mild soap. Air dry. Do not wring, do not soak, do not machine wash as it will damage the nose piece, do not tumble dry.